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Spring Fling Cancelled posted 04/01/17 05:12 pm by matt
Please note: The Battalion Spring Fling on April 8th and 9th has been cancelled.

Epiphany Dinner Date Change posted 01/15/17 06:20 pm by matt
Please note that the 2017 Epiphany Dinner has been moved to Saturday, January 28th.

2017 Events posted 12/21/16 09:59 pm by matt
The Events schedule has been updated for 2017.

2016 Schedule posted 02/18/16 10:28 pm by matt
The Events page has been updated for 2016.

2015 Schedule posted 01/15/15 11:03 pm by matt
The Events page has been updated for 2015.

[SOLD] Rifle For Sale [SOLD] posted 03/09/10 08:50 pm by matt
This item has been SOLD. For Sale: Harpers Ferry Model 1803 Rifle. Has never been fired. $500.00. If Interested, contact Buzz Holett: 317-508-2792 or byronhollett@msn.com.

2010 Schedule posted 01/31/10 09:38 pm by matt
The Battalion event schedule for 2010 has been posted.

New Pictures posted 01/24/10 09:39 pm by matt
Just posted some new pictures for 2008 and 2009.

SYW Officer/NCO School Rescheduled posted 02/24/09 08:36 pm by matt
Please note the SYW Officer / NCO School to be held in Rockville, IN March 14 - 15, 2009 is now rescheduled to correspond with Northern Depot School on April 4 - 5, 2009 at Fulton Co. Historical Society, Rochester, IN.

2009 Events posted 12/16/08 02:42 pm by matt
I've updated the events list for 2009. Thanks to Brian/Wanda for putting it all together.

New Pix posted 11/12/08 09:09 pm by matt
I uploaded a bunch of pix for Koh-Koh-Mah 2008. Thanks to Dallas for the pix.

Fall Frolic Location Correction posted 10/29/08 09:26 pm by matt
Due to an oversight we've had the wrong location of the Fall Frolic on our website.

The Fall Frolic will be in Rochester, IN, NOT Bob Auth's farm.

If you are planning to attend the Fall Frolic, please email H. Northrop at iid413@yahoo.com to let him know. Sorry for the confusion.

New Setup Date for KohKohMah posted 09/12/08 02:32 pm by matt
Due to the weather forecast for this weekend (wind and heavy rain), the early setup date for KohKohMah has been moved to Thursday, Sept. 18th.

3rd Work Day Added posted 08/13/08 01:56 pm by matt
Brian Wilson writes:
I am sorry that this is a little late for announcing, but another work day is required at Koh-koh-mah for this next Saturday. Weed eating is the main need. We are still hauling and splitting wood. Bring your saws and weed eaters. We will also be moving the flag poles again. Bob says that he will help with his tractor and auger. We need to work on the road leading in from the front to the battlefield. We are also working in the pines along the old fence row getting this in shape. The road leading down into the village will also need some major attention.

Aug 16th Event Cancelled posted 07/28/08 06:52 pm by matt
The SYW Central Brigade Shooting Competition scheduled for August 16, 2008, has been cancelled.

In Memoriam posted 06/25/08 09:02 pm by matt
It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of our dear friend, Colleen Gilbert, aka "Hester Purefinder" (website).

She was found in her home after failing to meet friends for the trip to Fort Ticonderoga.

She was a good friend to many and a talented reenactor, and will be missed by all.

UPDATE: more details may be found by following this link. The Pioneer Times is running a Memorial to Hester as well.

New Pix posted 06/22/08 11:35 pm by matt
Posted the pictures from Fort Massac and Feast of the Strawberry Moon. Thanks to Brian for all the pix.

Strawberry Moon Newspaper Article posted 06/17/08 11:44 am by matt
Stephanie R sent word that the Grand Haven Tribute has an article about the Strawberry Moon event this past weekend: Check it out!.

Strawberry Moon posted 04/14/08 10:43 am by matt
We listed the date for Feast of the Strawberry Moon wrong, it is actually June 14-15, not June 7-8 as we had listed on the events list. Sorry for the confusion, please update your calendars accordingly.

For Sale posted 03/09/08 02:03 pm by matt
Buzz Hollett has a brand new Tin Candle Mold for sale. He is asking $20 for it. If interested, contact Buzz (317) 359-2830 or (317) 508-2792.

Epiphany Dinner Pics posted 02/09/08 09:02 am by matt
Posted pictures from the 2007 Epiphany Dinner. Thanks to Dallas for the great pics.

2008 Events Posted posted 12/19/07 09:52 pm by matt
I posted the 2008 events list and updated the Google Map with all the locations.

Bob Jansen Doing Well After Knee Surgery posted 07/25/07 10:37 am by matt
Bob Jansen's surgery (double knee replacement) went well. The doctor said he found nothing unexpected. The procedure took the expected amount of time. The physical therapy staff have already had Bob standing w/his new knees, and he's also taken a few baby steps already. Thanks to Sandy for the update.

Light Infantry Coat For Sale posted 05/18/07 08:18 am by matt
Buzz Hollett is selling:

British Light Infantry Coat
Size: Large to Extra Large
Price: $70

Contact: byronhollett@msn.com or 317-359-2830

Items for sale posted 03/28/07 09:04 pm by matt
Earl Lilly has the following for sale:

Rogers Rangers Regimental Coat & Weskit
Size: 2XL
Weskit laces up the back
He is asking $300 for the set

Contact Earl Lilly: wanda.earl@verizon.net or 219-759-4139.

New Domain posted 03/20/07 11:47 am by matt
We're changing our domain name from "hazens.org" to "thebattalion.org", and until October 2007 you'll be able to access our website via both www.hazens.org and www.thebattalion.org. After October 2007 hazens.org will no longer work.

Work Day - Saturday Aug 19th posted 08/16/06 03:31 pm by matt
Brian writes:

We are going to need one more work day. This weekend at 9 am for those that can make it. We got a little bit behind due to tractor getting stuck.
The new bridge is done. We need to fill in some holes and soft spots. We need mostly some weed eating done, some in the battle field, but mostly the milice camp. Also, some work in the voyageur and Indian camps.
I was also wondering if those that were working on the cabin rafters, if they were coming back?

Just let me or Bob know if you can help.

Tent For Sale posted 08/05/06 08:28 pm by matt
June Kessler writes:

I have a wedge tent for sale. It is the convertible one in Jas Townsend Catalog. If interested, I have pictures I can email you. I have used it 4 nights at the Sadie's Soap site at the Koh-Koh-Mah event. Being new to re- enacting I bought the wrong tent for what I wanted. The tent is in excellent condition. It includes the poles and stakes. With shipping and everything, I spent close to $400.00 for the tent. I want $250.00 plus shipping unless you live within 50 miles I will deliver it. After you see the picture or you have me at Bob you will know what great shape the tent is in. Thanks.

If interested, please contact:

June Kessler (aka Sadie)
574-699-7912 or 765- 863-6301

Tulle for sale posted 02/12/06 08:52 pm by matt
Steve Helfer from Grafton is getting out of reenacting. He has a Tulle de chasse model C with the brass hardware. There are not any fancy carvings but it is a nice gun, .62 cal. He paid $750.00 but is asking $600.00. For more info, contact him in the evenings at : 618-786-2716

2006 Events Schedule posted 01/22/06 03:40 pm by matt
The unit schedule has been updated for 2006.

Location change for Epiphany Dinner posted 12/20/05 11:39 pm by matt
Please note the new location for the Epiphany dinner. It is now going to be held a Bob Auth's church. Brian will have more information shortly.

New Pix posted 10/05/05 10:42 pm by matt
Uploaded 130 new pictures from Feast and Koh-Koh-Mah for 2005.

2005 Schedule posted 02/05/05 02:34 pm by matt
I updated the events schedule for 2005.

Koh-koh-mah 2004 Pictures? posted 10/25/04 10:29 am by matt
If anyone has any pictures from this year's Koh-koh-mah (or any other events), please send them to the webmaster for inclusion on the website.

Thanks! posted 09/21/04 10:37 pm by matt
On behalf of Bob Auth and myself I would like to thank the Battalion for their wonderful efforts in making the 2004 Koh-koh-mah & Foster a great success. From the Gun crew, to those in the field, those that served as Provost, to Doc, to Bob for the announcing job, Buzz for the music and the wonderful job all the ladies did in the cabin I am so proud of you all. Three Huzzas to all of you. Your Most Proud Commander, Brian Wilson

New Research Added posted 09/08/04 10:40 pm by matt
Posted 4 new research articles from Brian containing unit drill information and background on Haverhill, MA.

Work Days posted 06/30/04 11:11 pm by matt
Work Days for Auth's Farm are planned for the first two Saturdays in August. The 7th and the 14th. Lunch will be provided. We will be working the grounds as well as the cabin. All help is needed. Bring weeders, trimmers, bug spray, rakes and anything else you can think of. We will begin at 9:00AM till whenever.

Fall Frolic Changes posted 03/29/04 10:13 am by matt
The Fall Frolic at Auth's Farm has been moved to the last weekend in October, and has been changed to a Tactical instead of a Frolic.

2004 Events List Updated posted 02/04/04 02:42 pm by matt
The Events List for 2004 has been updated. Thanks to Kyle for putting the schedule together.

New Applications and Forms posted 01/05/04 10:04 pm by matt
Kyle has kindly created and updated a bunch of documents, applications and waivers, for and about the unit, and I have finally posted them to the website. They are currently available from the Contact page. Some of them will eventually move to the Recruitment page that I'm still working on, but I wanted to get them all online.

Pictures! posted 10/21/03 10:27 pm by matt
Uploaded a ton of pictures from Koh-Koh-Mah and 1812. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

Work Day - September 6th posted 08/18/03 07:27 pm by matt
There will be a work day at Bob Auth's on Saturday, September 6th, starting at 9AM. Lunch will be provided. Please contact Brian if you can will be able to help out. Thanks to everyone who have already been out to help!

Work Day - August 9th posted 08/06/03 11:04 pm by matt
There will be a work day at Bob Auth's farm on Saturday, August 9th, starting around 9am. We will be working on trimming the trees around the battlefield and the camps. Please bring weedeaters and pruners if you have them. Contact Brian Wilson if you intend to come out to the work day.

Tent For Sale posted 06/27/03 11:41 pm by matt
Glenda Parks' wall tent is for sale. Measures 9x12 with 2ft sides, with Sunforger fire resistant canvas. Has doors at either end, one door has a smokehole. Tent is 6 years old in excellent condition. Retails new for $700; will sell for $400 firm. Contact Bob Jansen.

Website Changes posted 01/28/03 10:35 am by matt
The website has been updated to reflect our new name, "The Battalion", and the front page now has the flags and links to info about Hazen's Co, Haverhill, and the Queen Charlotte. We've got new article categories in the Research section, and you can now download the 2003 membership app from the Contact page.

New Hazen's Member posted 01/16/03 09:09 am by matt
Torilinn Elizabeth Cwanek was born on Tuesday, 1/14/03 at 6:58pm. She was 8lbs 6oz, 20.75in long. Both her and Catharine are doing fine, and will be home from the hospital sometime today.

2003 Event Schedule Posted posted 12/19/02 11:16 pm by matt
I posted the 2003 event schedule, from the email Brian sent out this week.

Fall Frolic Pix posted 11/05/02 09:05 am by matt
Uploaded 17 new pictures from this year's End of Season Frolic at Bob Auth's Farm. Also added about 10 more pictures from Mississinewa 1812, courtesy of Bruce West.

New Pictures for 2002 posted 10/22/02 09:14 pm by matt
Posted about 140 new images from Mississinewa 1812 and Koh-Koh-Mah for 2002. (Thanks Brian!)

New Hazen's Member posted 08/20/02 11:32 pm by matt
Congratulations to Aaron and Kelly on the birth of Emily Elizabeth on August 14th. Emily weighed 8lbs; both she and Kelly are doing fine. (thanks for the news, Don!)

Feast Sampler Cancelled posted 08/04/02 07:29 pm by matt
Due to circumstances beyond Don Hyatt's control, the Feast Sampler, which had been scheduled for August 17, has been cancelled. No word on whether it will be rescheduled or not.

History Fest Pictures posted 07/29/02 06:49 pm by matt
Added 15 new pictures from the Hoosier History Fest.

Parade Pictures posted 07/22/02 08:32 pm by matt
Added 11 new pictures from the Haynes-Apperson Parade in Kokomo.

Work Day at Bob Auth's Farm posted 07/22/02 10:22 am by matt
There will be a work day at Bob Auth's farm on August 10th, starting at about 9am and going until whenever. We need people to bring weed eaters, scythes, and/or sickles; come help us get Auth's farm ready for Koh-Koh-Mah.

Haynes Apperson Parade posted 07/03/02 01:20 pm by matt
Brian wrote in to say that on July 7th, there will be a Parade in Kokomo, called the "Haynes-Apperson Parade". It usually takes places around 1:00-2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. We won first place in this parade last year. Those that marched in the Western days parade at Russiaville have kept this record intact, they took first place. If possible, Brian will be shooting the cannons, maybe at Bob Auth's following the parade for those that are interesed. Please plan on it if you can. This helps promote Hazen's company as well as the "Koh-koh-mah and Foster" event.

Parade in Russiaville, IN posted 05/22/02 08:40 pm by matt
Bob Auth wrote to say that there is a parade coming up in Russiaville, IN, on Saturday, June 1st. He says that we'll be allowed to fire our muskets like last year in the Kokomo Parade. Line-up is at 9am, the parade begins at 10am. If anyone is interested, feel free to call Bob at (765) 883-7768, or email him at fostertradinpost@aol.com.

Promo Event May 11 at Lake County Public Library posted 05/02/02 09:12 pm by matt
On Saturday May 11, the Lake County Parks Department is holding a promotional event at the Library. They are interested in a few people coming in event clothing to talk to the public. This is one way they are advertising the Hebron event. The hours are 11am to 4pm at the Library on Saturday. Please let Sandy know if you are willing to be a part of this promotion.

Go straight up I-65 to Rt. 30. Take Rt 30 west. The Lake County Public Library is a couple miles down the road on your left. It is not far after the Meijer store. It is a big white building.

We will be downstairs in the meeting rooms. Remember that we are now on the same time.

New 2001 Event Pictures posted 05/01/02 08:54 pm by matt
Just posted about 150 new images from the 2001 eventing season. Most of them courtesy of Kyle (thanks!)

Spring Muster rescheduled posted 04/08/02 10:30 am by matt
Spring Muster at Bob Auth's farm in Kokomo has been rescheduled for the weekend of April 27-28. Be sure to update your calendar accordingly!

More Research posted 02/20/02 09:49 am by matt
Posted 6 new articles from Brian, detailing the unit's establishment for 1756-1758, as well as Rations, Rules and Articles of War, and Soldier Etiquette.

General Membership Meeting posted 02/04/02 10:28 pm by matt
The General Membership Board Meeting will be held at the Indian Heights Grace Brethren Church in Kokomo, on Saturday, Febuary 16th (same location as last year). Email Brian or check your newsletter for the address and directions; we'll start at 9am and run until 3pm or so.

Events of Interest posted 02/04/02 10:27 pm by matt
I added the 4 'Events of Interest' to our Event list; for now you'll need to check your newsletter to see which are which.

New Articles posted 01/27/02 10:00 pm by matt
Posted 2 new articles from Brian; they are available in the research section.

New Pictures and Event Schedule posted 01/10/02 08:44 pm by matt
Posted about 20 new images from Koh-Koh-Mah and the Unit Christmas Party for 2001. Also updated the Event Schedule for 2002. Look for your copy in the next Newsletter.

Moses Hazen's Company now located at www.hazens.org posted 10/02/01 06:55 pm by matt
I've purchased the domain name of 'hazens.org', and moved our site over there from the frob.net domain. You can still get here via 'www.frob.net/hazens', or you can use the new 'www.hazens.org' URL.

It shouldn't cause anyone any trouble; everything works exactly like before. If you experience any trouble, let me know.

Work Day - August 18th posted 07/24/01 11:02 pm by matt
There will be a Work Day at Bob Auth's farm on August 18, 2001, from 9am until whenever. They'll be working on the Fort Richardville battlefield and grounds, and would appreciate help from anyone who is available.
Please contact Brian Wilson for more information or directions to Bob Auth's farm.

Welcome! posted 06/12/01 11:55 pm by matt
Welcome to the new Moses Hazen's website. Please post any comments to the guestbook, or email the webmaster with any problems or suggestions.

The member area is still under construction, as are the credits for event pictures, so please be patient!

As always, send any news to the webmaster and I'll be sure to post it here.

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