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Ranger Establishment for 1758
posted Tue Feb 19 2002

Whereas I have this day thought proper to augment the Rangers with five additional companies, that is, four New England and one Indian company, to be forwith raised and employed in his Majesty's service; and whereas I have an entire confidence in your skill and knowledge, of the men most fit for that service ; I do therefore by these presents appoint you to raise such a number of noncommission officers and private men as will be necessary to compleat the said five companies, upon the following establishment, viz. each company to consist of one Captain, two Lieutenants, one Ensign, four Serjeants and 100 privates. The officers to have British pay, that is, the same as an officer of the like rank in his Majesty's regular forces; the Serjeants 4s. New York currency per day, and the private men 2s. 6d. currency per day. And the better to enable you to make this levy of men, you shall have one month's pay for each of the said five companies advanced to you ; upon these conditions, that, out of the first warrants that shall hereafter be granted for the subsistence of these companies, shall be deducted the said month's pay now advanced. Your men to find their own arms, which must be such as upon examination, shall be found fit, and be approved of. They are likewise to provide themselves with good warm cloathing, which must be uniform in every company, and likewise with good warm blankets. And the company of Indians to be dressed in all respects in the true Indian fashion, and they are all to be subject to the rules and articles of war. You will forthwith acquaint the officers appointed to these companies, that they are immediately to set out on the recruiting service, and you will not fail to instruct them that they are not to inlist any man for a less term than one year, nor any but what are able-bodied, well acquainted with the woods, used to hunting, and every way qualified for the Ranging service. You are also to observe that the number of men requisite to compleat the said five companies, are all to be at Fort Edward on or before the 15th day of March next ensuing, and those that shall come by way of Albany are to be mustered there by the officer commanding, as shall those who go strait to Fort Edward by the officer commanding there. Given under my hand, at New York, the 11th day of January 1758.


By his Excellency's command, To Capt. Robert Rogers.

In pursuance of the above instructions. I immediately sent officers into the New England provinces, where, by the assistance of my friends, the requested augmentation of Rangers was quickly completed, the whole five companies being ready for service by the 4th of March.

ROGERS JOURNAL 1769 page 71-72
Four of these companies were sent to Louisburg to join General Amherst, and one joined the corps under my command ; and tho' I was at the whole expense of raising the five companies, I never got the least allowance for it, and one of the Captains dying, to whom I had delivered a thousand dollars as advance pay for his company, which, agreeable to the instructions I received, had a right to do ; yet was I obliged to account with the government for this money, and entirely lost every penny of it.

by Brian Wilson

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