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Hazen's Company - Background Information
posted Wed May 23 2001
Major Scott's Battalion was formed in early May of 1758. It was assembled at Halifax, Nova Scotia from the various regiments present. The purpose of the Battalion was the upcoming invasion of Fortress Louisburg.

"A body of light infantry will be formed from the different corps, to act as irregulars; the regiments, that have been any time in America, are to furnish such as have been most accustomed to woods, and are good marks-men; and those from Europe are to furnish active marchers, and men that are expert at firing ball; and in all general must be alert, spirited soldiers, able to endure fatigue. Some corps are to give a Lieutenant and thirty men, except the Highlanders, who are to furnish one hundred. The Rangers and Light Infantry, appointed to act as rangers, are to be commanded by Major Scott, till further orders. A list of the Volunteers, in every corps, to be given in tomorrow at orderly time, distinguishing their time of service in the respective corps." (Knox's Journal Vol. 1, page 207).

The Battalion was comprised from the following regiments: 1st Royals, 15th, 17th, 22nd, 28th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 47th, 48th, 58th, 60th 2nd Battalion Royal Americans, 60th 3rd Battalion Royal Americans, 78th Fraziers Highlanders, and five companies of Rangers: McCurdies company of Rogers Rangers, James Rogers company of Rogers Rangers, Jonathan Brewer's company of Rogers Rangers, Wm.Stark's company of Rogers Rangers, and another company of Rangers known as Gorehams Rangers.

This Battalion would be assembled at Halifax, Nova Scotia. There the light infantry companies would be trained in ranger tactics and taught Rogers' 29 rules of Rangering. The whole battalion would distinguish themselves during the landing at Louisburg. Major Scott and his men were the first to find an opening and successfully get to shore. They gallantly held their ground until General Wolfe arrived with the rest of the invading force. The first British soldiers to shed their blood and die on French soil during this campaign were from this battalion. During the siege of Louisburg, this battalion, under Major Scott's leadership, would continue to distinguish themselves and be play a significant part in the capture of Fortress Louisburg.

Moses Hazen's Company originally began as McCurdies Company of Rogers Rangers on January 14, 1758. They would play a significant role in the capture of Louisburg. They would then set sail for Fort Frederic, which they would take possession of and remain at for the winter. During their stay Captain McCurdy was killed by a falling tree in a wood cutting accident. In April of 1758, 1st. Lt. Moses Hazen would be given the rank of Captain and placed in command of this company.

They would be very busy during the siege of Quebec under his command. They would be personally mentioned by high-ranking officers, who noticed their many exploits.

This company would be the sole Ranger company left behind at Quebec with General Murray's army. They would distinguish themselves during the battle of St. Foy where Hazen was severely injured. Lt. Butler would command the company while Captain Hazen recuperated from his wounds. He would never again rejoin his company, and they were dispatched on to Montreal.

From here this company would continue westward, following Major Rogers on to Fort Detroit. Following the surrender of Fort Detroit, Lt. Butler would head a detachment of Rangers to Fort Ouiteinan and Miamis where they would receive the capitulation of the forts. They would spend the winter of 1760 at Fort Miamis (Fort Wayne) until relieved by a detachment of Royal Americans in 1761. Then they would march eastward to be disbanded and finally to return to their homes.

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