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Ranger Establishment for 1757
posted Tue Feb 19 2002
His Excellency the Earl of Loudoun having given authority to me to augment the company of Rangers under your command, to 100 men each, viz.
  • One Captain,
  • Two Lieutenants, upon an English pay ;
  • One Ensign,
  • Four serjeants at 4s. each, New York currency ; 100 private men, at 2s. and 6d. each ditto per day; "And whereas there are some private men of your company serving at present upon higher pay than the above establishment, you are at liberty to discharge them, in case they refuse to serve at the said establishment, as soon as you have other men to replace them. If your men agree to remain with you and serve upon the above establishment, you may assure them they will be taken notice of, and be first provided for; each man to be allowed ten dollars bounty-money, and to find their own cloaths, arms, and blankets, and to sign a paper subjecting themselves to the rules and articles of war, and to serve during the war. You are to inlist no vagrants, but such as you and your officers are acquainted with, and who are every way qualified for the duty of Rangers; and you and your officers are to use your best endeavours to complete your companies as soon as possible, and bring them to Fort Edward.

    James Abercrombie,
    Major General

    by Brian Wilson

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